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Halkapınar, 1490. Sk. NO: 6/C, 35170 / Konak / İZMİR / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 530 239 6800
Hall: E
Stand: E4.10B
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  • Rail Sliding Systems

The Netwobil were established in 2013 in Izmir, Turkey and started to sell the unique design products through dealer channels in domestic market. In 2018, we started to produce our own products that have certificate of incorporation. By establishing their brand 45XBlokPriz, their position is secured in domestic and foreign market.

Standard Office AutomationStandard Office Automation

The Standard Office Block is a model of aluminum power outlet box designed for office use. It is available in various sizes, ranging from 4 modules and going up to 28 modules. Made from high-quality aluminum, it ensures durability. There are color options in gray and black.

Built-in Desk Manual/Pop-up Office AutomationBuilt-in Desk Office Automation

The product is designed to be built-in inside the table. The cover of the product can be designed as either push-to-open or manual. It features special cable brushes that ensure the orderly arrangement of cables during use.

Wireless Charging ModuleWireless Charging Module

The Wireless Charging Module provides a technological solution to simplify the charging process. It enhances convenience by eliminating cable clutter, making your usage more comfortable. It offers practicality in spaces like tables and coffee tables. With a diameter of 12 cm, it is easy to mount and extremely user-friendly.

Wireless Charging Built-in Desk Office AutomationWireless Charging Built-in Desk Office Automation

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Spine Cable ManagementSpine Cable Management

In office environments and crowded workspaces, it is important to have a product which provides the efficiency and organization. The Spine Cable Organiser provides an effective solution for organising your cables, creating a professional working environment.

Venus Built-in Office AutomationVenus Built-in Office Automation

Venus is available in 4 or 8 modules, with surface-mounted installation. Constructed from aluminum, Venus features high-quality anodized coating. User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it is open to custom production in optional colors based on quantity.

Built-in Desk/Floor Plastic Office AutomationBuilt-in Desk/Floor Office Automation

Built-in Desk/Floor Plastic Office Automation is a practical plastic socket box that can be used both as a floor and on office desks. The box features a sliding cover that can be easily opened or closed. It is made of ABS plastic and comes standard with 6 modules. Designed in a modular fashion, it allows for connection with other units. Color options include black, gray, white, and anthracite.

Special Angled Office AutomationSpecial Angled Office Automation

It is a special model of an aluminum socket box. On the wall, it can be mounted with LED lights. When it is placed on a table, the socket box can be used as phone holder pratically. It can be adjusted with custom size and customised.

Double Column Type Office AutomationDouble Column Type Office Automation

Double Column-type models provide solutions for crowded environments. Thanks to the cast base, they can be floor-mounted. The standard size starts from 10 modules and can be increased in increments of 2 up to 28 modules.

86x86 Click-Fit Surface Mounted Box86x86 Click-Fit Surface Mounted Box

This socket casing provides an excellent fit on plastered surfaces. It has the ability to flex to the right, left, down and up when it is placed on the surface.

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