Why You Should Attend ? l The Shining Stars of the Furniture Industry are Waiting for You!

The Gateway to Central and Eastern Europe for Forestry Products, Wood Processing, Furniture Machinery and Mattress Sub-Industry Sectors

All4Wood fair is a success story that we organised in Belgrade last year. With 126 exhibitors and over 5000 visitors, the satisfaction rate of this fair was 85%. We want to further expand this successful experience in Poland. ALL4WOOD will host buying delegations consisting of furniture manufacturers, mattress manufacturers, machinery industry, forest products industry professionals and wholesalers from important markets of the sector such as Central and Eastern European countries, especially Poland.

Why Poland?

Poland: Potential in Woodworking, Forestry Products and Bedding Supply Industry Poland stands out as a country known for its dynamic and innovative approach in Europe's leading woodworking, forestry products and bedding supply industry sectors. The potential of the country in these sectors enables it to become an important player in the global market. 

• Poland's leading position in the sector
• Technological innovations
• Strong stance in the mattress sub-industry
• Logistical advantages
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What Does All4Wood Warsaw Fair Offer?

Wide Product Range: The All4Wood Exhibition brings together a wide range of products from state-of-the-art machinery in the woodworking sector to products obtained directly from the forest, from the furniture sub-industry to the bedding sub-industry. This fair will showcase a rich variety of materials of all types used in the woodworking industry, furniture design and production, and the latest state-of-the-art materials used in the bedding industry. International Network: Our exhibition offers the opportunity to network with industry professionals and experts from around the world.
It organises buyer delegations and VIP delegations from Poland as well as from Germany, Czechia, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belarus, Hungary and other regions. This provides an excellent platform for meeting new business partners and establishing international co-operation.

35 Years Experience

In our All4Wood fair, which we set out with the power we get from 35 years of experience in the sector and the goal of creating a new fair that directs the global market, we offer the opportunity to establish commercial connections with the leading manufacturers of Poland and Europe.