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About All4Wood Warsaw 

Drawing strength from its 35 years of experience in the woodworking machinery, bedding, forestry products, and furniture ancillary industries, All4Wood sets out with the aim of creating a new fair that guides the global market. The emerging star of Central Europe, Poland!

All4Wood Warsaw Fair Information

Date:14-16 May 2024
Location: Warsaw/Poland
Venue: PTAK Warsaw Expo

Why You Should Visit ALL4WOOD 2024?

The Potential of Woodworking, Forestry Products, and Bedding Ancillary Industries in Poland

Poland stands out as a country known for its dynamic and innovative approach in the leading woodworking, forestry products, and bedding ancillary industries in Europe. The country's potential in these sectors positions it as a significant player in the global market.

Leading Position in Furniture Export

Poland holds the position of the largest furniture exporter in the European Union with a furniture export value of $16 billion. The country's furniture industry is globally recognized for its high-quality products and competitive prices, attracting demand worldwide.

Strong Performance in Forest Products Export

As a country rich in forest resources, it stands out with a $6 billion forest products export. The strong performance in this sector reflects the country's emphasis on sustainable forestry practices and its success in meeting the international demand for quality forest products.

Quality and Diversity in Mattress Export

Boasting an impressive position in the mattress ancillary industry, with a $1.5 billion mattress export, Poland has distinguished itself. The quality exhibited in mattress production, design diversity, and technological innovations have enhanced Poland's international competitiveness in this field.

Forest Wealth and Sustainability

With a rich forest asset covering 9.3 billion hectares, Poland places great importance on sustainability principles in forestry policies. The country is committed to preserving forest ecosystems and focusing on leaving healthy forest resources for future generations. Poland's woodworking, forestry products, and bedding ancillary industries make a strong contribution to the country's economy, earning a reputable position internationally. The success in the sector is closely linked to Poland's commitment to quality standards, sustainability efforts, and innovative approaches.


35 Years of Experience

All4Wood, drawing strength from its 35 years of experience in the woodworking machinery, forestry products, bedding, and furniture ancillary industries, sets out with the goal of creating a new fair that guides the global market. Located in Warsaw, the most coveted investment and production destination in Europe, All4Wood provides an opportunity to establish commercial connections with leading furniture manufacturers in Poland and Europe, within an extensive hinterland.