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Kayapa OSB Beyaz Cd. No: 20, 16315 / Nilüfer / BURSA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 224 443 4628
Hall: E
Stand: E4.18
Product Groups
  • Machinery and Technical Equipment Used in Joining Assembly and Packaging
  • Machine Group
  • Fabric Group
  • Sponge Group

In 1990, Elektroteks Co. was founded by Eng. Osman Guler in order to develop electronic and software solutions to textile industry. Then, with the strong technical infrastructure of the company, it started to produce complex control systems for machinery manufacturing and automotive industries under the brand of Sayger Automation . Then, in 2003 with the extensive know-how gained by being partners with different machinery manufacturers in various sectors, Elektroteks chose mattress and quilting machinery to expertise in. In 2004, the first double needle continuous quilting machine in Turkey was produced and pioneered many innovations in the bedding industry. With long years of know-how and the 2nd generation engineers involvement, Elektroteks takes firm steps to be the leading manufacturer for mattress and quilting production technologies by growing its capabilities in multidisciplinary production systems.

KYK-HS2Automatic Tape Edge Machine

KYK-HS2 is the most advanced and heavy-duty machine in the world for mattress tape edging operation. The reinforced double gear drive provides perfect strength and durability for the corner rotation system even for the heaviest mattresses. Thanks to elongated height adjustment system, it provides perfect comfort for all the mattresses from 5 cm to 52 cm. The reduced training time and operator fatigue makes the tape edging operation much easier with the day long performance stability. The motorized belt and the synchronized mattress rotating arm makes the operator stands stationary and brings easy cornering. Even the heaviest premium mattresses are flipped within seconds thanks to heavy duty flipping system. The adaptable continuous mattress flow system brings the mattress to the machine and takes it out to the next stations after tape edging is done. The continuous flow system lets the operator sew all the time and reduce a great deal of labor cost.

BEDLINEAutomatic Mattress Production Line

BEDLINE Series is automated production line, fully designed and optimized according to your production variables such as capacity, mattress varieties, production scheduling logic, factory layout, existing equipment, labor cost, etc. BEDLINE Series provides neat and efficient production by eliminating handling, damage or dirt on the mattresses, operators fatigue, inconsistent manual operations and the mess inside the factory. The decreased number of employees brings less headache of management and decreases the cost of your mattresses. Versatility is the keyword for the design of BEDLINE Series. Increased competition and increased requirements of your customers makes it inevitable to have a flexible setup. BEDLINE Series is tailor-made for your production needs. The advance control system makes the line simulation and production statistics be always with you via internet. BEDLINE Series keep your whole factory always in control from assembly to packing to dispatch.

ET-ROLL-460-SFPAutomatic Mattress Wrap, Compress and Roll Pack Line

ET-ROLL-460-SFP is a full automatic mattress wrap, compress, fold and roll machine. After compression it can fold the mattress to half and roll afterwards to minimize the shipping, storage and operation costs and maximize the profit and competitiveness. Thanks to unique design of ET-ROLL-460-SFP it gives possibility to work as wrap-only, wrap-compress, wrap-compress-roll and wrap-compress-fold-roll without adding any extra turning or 90° transfer conveyors. Moreover, with all these options it offers the smallest footprint (installation area) compared to competing machines. The strongest structure in the market; ET-ROLL-460-SFP can smoothly fold and roll the heaviest mattresses in the market. 65 Tons Hydraulic Adjustable Compression Unit Add-On Tri Fold Unit Add-On Paper Packaging and Rolling System Up to 25 seconds/mattress cycle time

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